About ME- EM tuobA

Born and reared in Michigan, I started studying music as a child and was taught by my mother-who holds her Masters in Music. I became interested in sound and the way in which we hear and understand the complexities of sound. I developed a keen love of sound in nature. My parents regularly took us hiking and camping in remote parts of Northern Michigan and Canada. I began composing sounds similar to the wind blowing through trees, the waves of Lake Michigan, or the rain dropping off the leaves. I loved the expansive rhythms of the natural world. In essence, this was my introduction to music. I am currently working with my mentor Bradley Colten on western classical pieces, compositions, and (most importantly) on creating and appreciating the lovely possibility of producing a beautiful sound from each individual note. (Bradley studied with classical guitarist David Leisner and other mentors including the beloved Seymour Bernstein). With other past mentors (including Amit Chatterjee, Freddie Bryant, Victor Prieto, and Dante Rosati) , my musical focus was  on various tuning systems. I have studied Western Classical Music throughout much of my life but now find the Classical Northern Indian tuning system to resonate with my ear. I have also worked on building atonal instruments (with so much help fr10014633_10154003936940106_644037900_nom my former mentor-Dante Rosati) based on the just intonation and the harmonic series. But still, I am mesmerized when I hear a Western Classical piece being played so beautifully at the NY Philharmonic or even by a guitarist in the subway.  My work is currently most influenced by the compositions and writings of (avant-garde composers) Erik Satie, John Cage, and Toru Takemitsu.  This page has been set up to share my musical interests as well as many interests beyond the music realm.


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